Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peloton - Lorna Grear & Sarah Goffman

Peloton has been open since 2004, well I’ve been really slack then haven’t I!

So I was pleasantly surprised when seeing this new work by Lorna Grear as I just wasn’t sure what to expect, the large framed works are quite intense and monumental at the same time. Building a brand new story out of recycled stencil templates with shadows and shapes, they are just fantastic, they are of an abstract expressionism with modernist tendencies to provoke a dialogue between viewer and artist.

These are very strong works and could have easily been shown by themselves but the smaller works do seem to balance out the story line and give us a clearer picture of how the lovely brain or Lorna’s works.

Sarah Goffman on the other hand has a completely different story going on, objects that are born into this world in bright and cheerful colours, designed in different shapes and placed within the space in a ‘dinner party’ way. Got there to late for the food which was prepared by Bec Dean and Mishka Borowski, but did manage to catch that fantastic cake which was decorated suitable to match the theme of the show.

There were lots of lovely objects to look at, Sarah has a wonderful eye in catching a concept and making it fly, but you’ll just have to watch the video as this show was sadly closed way too early due to a fire in the upstairs apartment.

That cake was yummy, glad I stuck around for that.

Fleur MacDonald

24th November - 17th December 2011

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