Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alaska Projects - Bridie Connell

‘Kings Cross Affair’ is so far the best use I have seen of the enclosed space at Alaska Projects, decked out like a sixties go-go night club.

Wish I hadn’t been sick on the night of the opening as I missed the chance at seeing The Go-Gettes. Went along on the following Saturday and was gobsmacked at how gorgeous the room looked, WOW and WOW! I’ve never considered myself a very good dancer more like two left feet, but I do love the idea of dressing up in themed clothing and having an attempt at a get wiggy with it.

Bridie Connell has a wonderful and needed fascination of women in popular culture, reminding us of lost crafts and reintroducing us to feminine culture that we may have all forgotten about. This fabulous representation pays homage to the go-go clubs of the seedy dark red light district of Kings Cross. The room is decked out from floor to ceiling in red and all that glows, with photo’s of past clubs and dancing girls and those lovely room dividing curtains of long endless thread.

If you are in Sydney and have not yet seen this show then get jiggy with it as today is the last day.

Fleur MacDonald

26th April - 6th May 2012

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