Thursday, May 17, 2012

James Dorahy Project Space - Alexander James

Weathersounds - Big bold and beautiful photographs of clouds and probably the most beautiful clouds I’ve ever seen.

‘Means for Measuring Cloud Velocity 1,2 &3’ archival pigment print is a valuable lesson.

‘Imperfect Cumuli #1’ archival pigment print, is foreboding but with a hint of relief with the tiny sliver of sunlight inching it’s way into view and ‘Imperfect Cumuli #3’ archival pigment print is that sliver of sunlight at it’s final happy end.

‘Cumulus Attacked by a Contrary Wind #1 & 2’ archival pigment print are stills from poetry in motion, soft wispy tinged with blue and lavender puffs of cloud.

And last but not at all least is ‘Nimbus, In Repose’ archival pigment print makes me think of puffs of delectable sexy chocolate wafting through the sky in all it’s glory. Hope I didn’t gush too much but this is a really beautiful show.

 Fleur MacDonald

26th April - 20th May 2012

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