Sunday, May 20, 2012

S.H. Ervin Gallery - Salon des Refuses 2012

Getting hung in the Salon des Refuses is a Prize in itself as most Artist’s believe, it is the next best thing if you didn’t get selected for the Archibald or Wynne and some also believe it is better so it must have been a mammoth task to choose 57 works from the 1,665 viewed.

 Here are my favourites from the 57 listed works, ‘The artist before his canvas with dog’ oil on canvas by John Edwards is one of the best paintings so far I have seen of John’s work, it’s such a great description of this artist’s life and also the best title. ‘The Landscape Painter (Idris Murphy, artist) watercolour and gouache on paper by Paul Miller is a strikingly beautiful portrait of Idris, heavy in detail and lovingly respectful of the artist’s character.

‘Interlude’ acrylic on polycanvas by Robyn Sweaney reminds me a little of my childhood home, how simple but effective the houses were built back in the 60’s in country town’s, it’s almost as if Robyn is plotting the history of rural resident architecture. ‘Bowl 13’ zinc coated painted steel by Michael Snape, is this work an interpretation of how to bowl?, it’s large and wonderful.

‘Frankly Frank (Frank Watters) acylic on gessoed paper by Monica Epstein is a great portrayal of this well known Gallery Director. ‘Swamp 1(Burrumbeet) oil and acrylic on canvas by Peter Gardiner is fantastic, it just goes on forever. ‘Prima Materia’ oil on canvas by Stuart Watters gives us something to think about, I do love Stuart’s work, I love his bold attack at colour and form.

‘Lightsaver’ oil on canvas by Neil Hicks is an interesting piece describing the light filtering through the branches and leaves of a tree. ‘Cliffs’ oil on board by Brenda Stace Chat is another interesting but very striking work. ‘Stella Young (disability advocate & comedian) oil on canvas by Peter Wegner brings out the exuberance of the sitter’s personality and gently softens the blow of her plight.

This show was Big and the opening was packed to the rafters and an enjoyable afternoon had by all.

Fleur MacDonald

31st March - 20th May 2012

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