Friday, May 11, 2012

Ray Hughes Gallery - Lucy Culliton

Oh my, what a beautiful show, so many lovely paintings of lots and lots of lovely flowers in so many antique bottles. A terribly impressive show.

I’ve just missed my deadline as I think the show closed yesterday the 10th May, but anyway people will still be able to read this and spy some of the lovely works in this wonderful show.

73 paintings on the room sheet, 73 x 100’s of gorgeous blooms. So I’m going to pic out a few of the ones that really stood out and spoke to me, ‘Wattle’ oil on canvas, I swear I could smell the rich yellow wattle scent that was wafting through the air at the opening.

‘Apple Blossoms’ oil on canvas, it’s the two brown bottles that help to pick out the tiny flowers of these Apple Blossoms and create a nice balance.

‘Daffodils’ oil on board, I’m not sure why I love daffodils so much, maybe because they look a little weird with their little trumpet faces outlined by the frilly neck dress and then the colour yellow which represents safety, insanity and also promotes the appetite. ‘Crocosima’ oil on board, the rich vibrancy of the reds illuminating above the clear glass bottles.

‘Daisies’ oil on board, how can you go past those happy smiley faces. And ‘Love in the Mist’ oil on board, we all need love in the mist and it was that dark blue bottle that grabbed me and then the soft whispers of the cobalt blue flowers against the lush green.

The delights from a small country town five hours from Sydney, where the air is clear and the sky is a long streak of blue. Lucy has carved out a lovely existence painting knitted toys, cacti, chooks and now these, wonder what will take her fancy next.

 Fleur MacDonald

 14th April - 10th May 2012

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