Monday, October 24, 2011

Alaska Projects - Lorem Ipsum

Like a cool breeze in a stuffy room, Alaska Projects has arrived.

love this location, how many galleries do you know that are in parking stations, making full use of an empty space that I had no idea was there. Wow, wow and wow! It really is a novel idea when you think about it especially since there is a shortage of spaces, affordable spaces that is.

I’m not a driver but this could be a new trend so I guess from now on when a go past a parking station I’m going to wonder if there is an ARI inside with the likes of Sebastian Goldspink.

Everyday items that we take for granted such as the small gold safety pin (dress maker pins) has been given a new lease of life in the four works by Bernadette Jones, in which they exude an air of high couture. Lusciously gorgeous in the golden bling which dances in the light, ok they might be a bit hard to wear but I wouldn’t, I would just let them hang from the ceiling and gaze upon their loveliness.

Loved ‘Souvenir (Australian Idols) by Sarah Contos and love her sense of humour, assembling found objects to form a shrine in a very affecting way. Tom Polo has a knack for playing mc at the event of our everyday life, ‘Judge/mental’ is profound.

Silver glistening insulation tape, ‘Above and Below’ by Bilijana Jancic is a work to be reckoned with. And a big WOW also goes to Jess Olivieri, Sarah Rodigari, Jason Mailing, Nigel Brown, Sam Hodge, Rupert Reid, Siouxzi Mernagh, Nick Collerson, Bababa International, chloe Hughes, Bridie Connell and Phil James as these Artist’s will go a long way if they keep doing what they do.

Fleur MacDonald

5th October - 23rd October 2011

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