Friday, October 28, 2011

Stella Downer Fine Art - Viola Dominello

Another post I’m late putting up and I missed the opening of this too due to the flu, so I went on the last day and shot my video and photo’s and got to have a really good look at the work. This was actually the first time I’ve been up close to Viola’s work, we’d met through another gallery and became friends so I really wanted to see her show and thankfully I did.

‘Riverside, The Hawkesbury’, oil on canvas, offers added strength in it’s duality, one is just not enough. Gentle romantic swaths of colour reveal the beauty of Viola’s landscape.

With ‘Coast III’, oil on board, as a tall vertical piece, it shows us just how versatile this painter can be, to show us another angle of an idyllic setting. ‘Harbour Walk (after C.B), oil on board, pulled me in with it’s lush greens and yellows, it’s calm and serene and I can see myself walking the harbour walk.

‘Ocean Path, Mornington Peninsula’, oil on canvas has a gathered energy with it’s distant soft hues building up towards the lush coast. Loved also ‘Tinnie’, oil on canvas, with it’s quiet solitude.

But ‘Wild Solitude’, oil on canvas has an eerie light about it, capturing that silent moment between twilight and daylight. I love the colour’s used, reminiscent of an old graceful Chinese painting and ‘Beach Road’, conte, charcoal and oil on paper showing us the way home, it’s a beauty.

It was a beautiful show and I look forward to seeing what Viola offers us next... Well done!

Fleur MacDonald

20th September - 15th October 2011

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