Sunday, October 16, 2011

Robin Gibson Gallery - David Eastwood & Kyra Henley

Unfortunately I wasn’t well enough to attend the opening, so I arranged to meet up with David Eastwood to film him talking about his work, he seemed a little apprehensive when I arrived but he did a really great job and David thinks he did his best Sister Wendy. There’s only 1 way to find out and that’s to watch it.

Decoy Decor is an intensely beautiful show and shows a great love of perspective and an attention to detailing every aspect of the composition. A strong unity between historical reference and or stage prop, hidden elements and left over refuse from the studio’s of Francis Bacon. I love each work whole heartedly but my tick goes to ‘Prop’, acrylic on polyester, it has a serene sense to it, it’s cool, calm and collected in it’s soft hues and the intensity of the detailing in the perspective is magical. It’s always great to see the results of an Artist testing their ability.

Kyra Henley and her work was a bit of a surprise to see for the first time, with her fancy pop culture references and her lovable gouaches. A nice little holiday in the sun. Well done Kyra!

Fleur MacDonald

17th September - 12th October 2011

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