Saturday, October 1, 2011

Factory 49 - Kate Mackay

It’s taken me awhile to make it out to Factory 49, have kept reminding myself to make the trip and this time I did and glad I did.

Kate Mackay is having a wonderful time pushing paint around the canvas, Kate works with patterns exploring the imprint and spread of paint and the mix of colour. Kate also works as a sculptor, I missed out on the cube show, damn damn and damn but managed to meet sections and new versions of the ‘Cube’ at group shows, the ‘Cube’ is best met at her blog

Back to the paintings, these works at Factory 49 have been hung in a continuous line without gaps to ensure the even flow of colour and pattern and very effective it is, striking in colour, rich in texture and gobsmackingly gorgeous. The paint has been applied in circles and squares and covering the entire surface of the canvas, combining different groups of colours and creating sections of monochrome.

At a distance I imagined seeing figures like a over sized pixelated image but up close these works are really quite beautiful, serene in the melding of the colours and the paint being gossamly applied. ‘One and the Same’, oil on canvas is an enormous work and thankfully can be broken up into singular sales as I was fortunate to obtain 1.

It’s been a pleasure to have known Kate Mackay and her work since the early 90’s and I look forward to her next instalment.

Fleur MacDonald

21st September - 1st October 2011

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